I am the skin, the cloak, the hood, the claw
I am the part of your heart you don’t care for any more

I am the ache of your teeth when something’s too sweet
I am the scratch on your back that bleeds with heat

I am sorry, I am guilty, I can’t be consoled
I am foreign and frightening, I am too hard to hold

I am the pieces of paper in the pit of your pocket
I am the texts and emails kept tight in your locket

I am the shriek in your face when I can’t get it right
I am the total disaster in a sleepless night

I am giving, forever, and warming, and true
I am all you need, I am everything, I am there in you

I am not your fault and I am not your friend
I am more than you can take, and beginning to end

I am the lies you tell yourself when you find me elsewhere
I am unbidden and wanted, I am the room to spare

I am every sad song you ever heard ever
I am every bad choice you ever make never

I am the howl in your chest and the blood in your soul
I am the teeth and the grit and the choke and the hole
I am the pain in the words and the last goodbye
I am the cold coffee on the platform
I am a forgotten voice

I am passive-aggressive subtext
I am nothing

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  1. mummybarrow

    That sounds like it has been ripped out of you. I can see it being said quite angrily, almost whilst stomping around the room. Until you get towards the end and then just stand still.

    Incredibly moving piece of writing

  2. No Blog Intended

    This was what I needed at this moment. Great descriptions of something that’s sneaking around in me nowadays as well. I think this c an be read in many ways, just the way it relates to you… Very beautiful. I hope you’re alright and fine and everything?

  3. Charlie Williamson

    Nothing I can say can tell you just how beautiful this is so I shall just say thank you for sharing. Love and hugs.

  4. Cathy Dreyer

    I like this. I like it a lot. I’m not sure about the way it ends, either in the sentiment (I don’t think you’re nothing) or in the music of it. But amazing before then. Wow.

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