Happy New Year

Oh hello! Hi. HELLO YOU LOVELY LOT. Hey, how are you doin’?

Me, yeah I’m OK. Bit weird this, isn’t it? I mean, I stopped blogging, and I haven’t really missed it, and I did a few guest posts for people, and I promised myself to even more people and I haven’t delivered yet oops sorry about that, and now, here I am, surreptitiously raising my head over the parapet to blog something here and now AND, actually, to wish y’all a Happy New Year and felicitations for 2013.

So. Happy New Year. And felicitations. For, well, 2013. Innit.

*twiddles thumbs*

Hmm? Oh, no, no, I’m not going to do a review of the year or any of that bollocks. Mostly cos some parts would be me just going ‘AAAAAARRRRGGNNNGHHHHHH’ and crying into a tea towel, other bits would be too saucy for your discerning eyes, and everything else was just farking mundane. Let’s just say, 2012 could have been better, BUT, technically, it could have been A LOT worse, and I am thankful, as ever, that it wasn’t.

Then what’s this all about? Why this sudden break in hiatus? Why the early retirement from the, erm, early retirement?

Well, my little Movotians, I have two tiny pieces of news for you. Teeny tiny.┬áMinuscule. Barely relevant. You might even want to look away now, and go do something else. What? Oh, I’m being a tease? Yeah but you love it. You so do. Stop dribbling on me.

Seriously. I am trying to be serious. Here’s some news. Firstly, very soon, you will be able to download me. YEAH THAT’S RIGHT. There’s a book being made out of motherventing as we speak. All the best bits, with none of that meme crap or acres of Silent Sunday photos of Moo. But with most of the swearing, all of the naked photos and lots of the muff. Y’know, the bits you really like.

Hoorah! That’s good, mais non? Excited? Excellent. Please make sure you buy it when it’s available, and then maybe I can afford some food. KIDDING. We don’t need food. Moo and I, however, would like to build a helter-skelter in our backyard. All funds from The Little Book of MoVo will go towards that. IT’S A WORTHY CAUSE, PEOPLE. You know it makes sense.

Helter-skelters aside, what’s the other news, you may be asking yourself. Well… turns out I may have told a little white lie at the beginning of this post. Y’see, I stopped blogging as motherventing. But I didn’t stop blogging. Nope. I’ve been blogging since October. As someone else.

And that’s where I’ll leave that, I think.

Ooohhhhh I’m such a TEASE.

Unless it’s really obvious anyway and now I just seem like a complete tit.

Ack, who cares. It’s New Year’s Day, the start of a brand new year. Obvs. Time for, um, stuff to happen. Kind of. Maybe.

I’m rambling. I’ll stop. Oh it’s been WONDERFUL seeing y’all again, do drop by soon! Watch this space.

*disappears in a puff of smoke* *cough cough*


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  1. Sonya Cisco

    What? And now the original comment is back. Oh my fecking brain is so deranged, it is quite clear that I am going to be officially old this year! I blame timelords.

  2. Sonya Cisco

    Arses, I left a comment, but it vanished because my phone and WordPress hate me. They are petulant teenagers with no respect for the older generation at all. Happy New Year and as the song goes ‘it had to be you…’ Brilliant as ever, both here and over there , big loves to you and moo xxx

  3. findmychild

    Nice to see you back!
    Well glad about book !
    Keep it going you have been missed and I don’ t reality fit into geek blog follower slot !
    But yours I love
    Happy everything

  4. Mummy Glitzer

    Ooooo *penny drops* I KNOW now! Thought it sounds like you!

    And you promised me a post… But as you have confirmed my suspicions then I shall not hassle you, as I was going to.

    Happy New Year. Xx

    • motherventing

      Hahaha! *does a nifty jig* Sorry I haven’t blogged for you yet, I was enjoying my sabbatical too much. You ARE on the list, tho, promise. HNY, hope 2013 is better for you all round xx

  5. Mummypinkwellies

    Oh I bloody knew it MoVo, it just sounded like you :)

    Glad you’ve popped back here too. Missed you xxx

  6. lplatemummy

    I actually did a little woop out loud when my email notified me that the great MoVo had done a blog post! Big congrats on th book, may be worth me converting to Kindle for!
    As for the secret identity, I have no idea and this saddens me :(
    Happy New Year! x

  7. bubbablue

    Ooh exciting on the book front. Helter skelter sounds fab – seeing as we may have funded it, can we all come and have a go on it once built!
    Now off to have a snoop and find your other blog as my head’s not working and I’m never in the loop on these things

  8. No Blog Intended

    Hmm hmm, who would that other person you’re blogging as be? ;)
    Glad to see you again, and to see you’re doing well! Hope 2013 will be filled with money streaming towards you, and love and stuff of course.
    But above all money. Duh.

  9. Cathy

    This is my first visit to your blog but I know exactly what other blog you’re talking about – as soon as I read it I thought ‘no way is the author who she claims to be’ :) It’s great though, book deal on the horizon?

  10. trickycustomer

    I’m sat here so smug because I KNEW that other blog was you!
    Hurrah to book but who will play you in the film, that’s what we all want to know?
    Happy New Year MoVo. Loving you always. x

  11. Laura @ Chez Mummy

    First comes the book, then movie, then who knows? :-).

    And as for the other thing, I KNEW IT!!! If you’ve been blogging as who I think you have, it was use of the word ‘fark’ in the ‘about me’ section that made me suspicious. I won’t reveal your secret identity though *wink wink* (I really hope I’ve got it right – can I whisper it to you to check?)

  12. Michael Cargill

    Movo! Good to see you and your fabulous arse back here.

    Have you been blogging as Little Mistress? Doing reviews for those… things… that get sent to her…?

    All the best for 2013.

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