Hello! And, erm, goodbye.

This is going to be my last post, on this blog, for a long while, maybe forever. I’ve been agonising a while about blogging and asking myself why I’m doing it, and I can’t answer that any more without feeling like I’m forcing something that isn’t there, or isn’t happening easily any more, and is becoming a chore, and is kind of leaving me empty rather than full of yay-woop-woop-wahoooooo-a-go-go like it used to. Does that make sense? No? Shit.

Look, I love blogging. I love motherventing. It’s been a total blast. I’ve met some great people. Had some good times. Posted some awesome stuff, even if I do say so myself, and I want to clarify now that I am NOT deleting the blog, it will remain passive but online till I can work out how to utilise my blogging skillz and take over the world. So if you’re lonely one night and really, really want to read about my periods, or my dubious solo dildo-based personal lovemaking, or gaze rapturously at my naked photos, or make yourself feel better by recalling how shit my life got at some points, then by all means, do. I ain’t gonna stop you. Be my guest!

Readers, I love y’all. I am so insanely pleased that I managed to acquire and maintain an actual readership, and if it wasn’t for you lot, I’d have farked off ages ago. I hope no one thinks I’m a noob for bowing out so gracelessly but I feel motherventing has reached an end and it really absolutely totally is time to go. Once I’d made the decision all I felt was relief and I think that’s a pretty good indication that I’ve made the correct choice.

It will be uber-hard to let go, I have no illusions about that. Consequently, I am offering myself as a guest blogger, should anyone wish to have me thrust myself upon their blog every now and again. I am a writer, and a blogger, at heart, and I NEED to keep my creative juices spaffing, without the enormous task of keeping my own blog running. And it IS an enormous task – at my peak, I was blogging at least once a day, as well as replying to comments, reading and commenting on other people’s blogs, and promoting myself on Twitter – and yes, talking crap on Twitter is promoting oneself, innit – and it all got a bit otherworldly. It’s not my living, it’s a hobby. Hobbies should be fun. Sadly, motherventing stopped being fun. This way, I can free myself up to work on other projects which might end up being more fruitful.

One thing I will say – it could be advice, but never let it be said that I know anything about something – is that in retrospect, I made this blog too personal. I wrote about people and relationships that should have been kept private. At the time I believed I had a right to record situations and their effect on me with impunity. I kinda wish I hadn’t now. It’s not fair. The fallout has been deeper and more lasting than I could’ve thought. Conversely, and rather meanly, I don’t think I can be true to myself if I DON’T write about such things. It’s a vicious circle, and one I’ve been caught in for a long while. It’s time for me to look after myself emotionally for a change. Gawd knows I need to.

Ack, here I am rambling on, you’re probably waiting for me to shut the fark up. OK. Look. I’m still on Twitter, I’ll still read and comment on my favourite blogs, I’ll still write things for other bloggy folk, and who knows, one day, I might come back in a new, improved guise, and blow y’all away with my shmexy rhetoric and insightful witticisms. Ahem. Maybe.

Readers. From the bottom of my bottom, thank you. For everything.

My beautiful daughter, the incomparable Moo, is awake, and demands my attention. And as you know, she is VERY demanding. So I’ll say goodbye.

I will miss you loads.

*blows kisses*

*retreats into castle*

*lowers portcullis*

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  1. Mayfair Mum

    Feck! Mayfair Mum never swears online but for you lady, anything. Missing your witty banter loads already (if a little late catching up!) but on the plus side I’ve now met the equally mad as a box of frogs Mabel – yay! See you on Twitter I’m sure and good luck with all. Oh and for goodness sake, keep writing.

    • motherventing

      Thanks, I will keep writing. Did you know you can now purchase MoVo as an ebook? I’m sure you did know that. Only £1.02 as well! BARGAIN! (thanks for reading and commenting!)


    You know what’s right for you. You’re a fabulous writer and I think we all give a lot of what’s personal and that’s what makes it so great be it screenwriting or blogging. You’ve been fearless lady and that’s so commendable. You will be missed x

  3. pinkoddy

    Does this show just how bad I am at catching up? *blushes*
    Sorry to hear but think this just goes to prove your point it is hard to find the time isn’t it.
    Hope you are doing well.

  4. helen

    Gutted! Only just catching up with my fav blogs (busy month,giving birth ya know)and I come across this news!

    I wish you well with everything.

    I will just keep you on my reader just in case you change your mind….

  5. lulastic


    My goodness, I’ll miss your hilarious and beautiful posts.

    I understand though, it is alot of work, eh.

    All the joy and energy in the world for your other shizzle. x

  6. Anya from Older Single Mum

    Darling. Just seen the news. Even more farking behind that I’d realised. That’s a term that’ll have your name on it for ever! Great legacy eh? What do you mean you want a better one that that? ‘Course you do. Best of everything to a very special woman. Time to move on girl, in so many senses. Wish you happiness and success in your personal endeavours. You’re welcome at mine any time. Much love XXX

    • motherventing

      Thank you. Your kind words mean a lot to me. I’m going to miss the interaction with my lovely readers but hoping it won’t be lost forever. I just needed a break, is all. Don’t be a stranger :) xxx

  7. Bod for tea

    Eh? I’m scrolling through the wad of emails in my inbox from being on hols and I come across this one *sob* . Tis the end of an era. Bon voyage my dear and best of British to you and Moo. See you on Twitter.

  8. Christina E (@Beadzoid)

    Awww that is such a shame! And obviously the whole of Mum-bloggerland agrees as it took me half an hour to scroll to the bottom to comment! Bugger, turn my back and go on holiday (sort of) for two secs and look what happens. *sigh* Still, can’t fault you for doing what you think is right. I hope the real world starts to treat you a little better and you, Moo and the unicorns live happily ever after – or that you come back soon of course ;) xX

    • motherventing

      Oh I’m sure I won’t be gone long… maybe I’ll come back in a different form? Like Doctor Who, only way prettier? Who knows. Anyway, one thing I’ll miss is my lovely online friends like you, so don’t be a stranger and say hi to me on Twitter every now and again, yeah? XX

  9. helenprev

    Oh no… this is very sad and I will really miss your blog posts. :-( Respect to you for making the decision though.

    I’ve been following you on Twitter for ages so will continue to stalk you on there!

  10. Adele

    Disaster. I’m a terrible blogger, I don’t put enough effort in at all, it’s pretty time consuming ain’t it? And distracts me from more pressing issues, like wine. As I’ve only recently discovered your blog though, this means I will be able to stalk your ENTIRE back catalogue for many moons. Peace out. x

    • motherventing

      It IS time consuming. And my time needs to be consumed by other things, like, erm, my daughter. And me. BUT, I love it, and I’m hoping I can scratch my writing itch doing stuff for other people. But please do stalk my whole blog, there’s some really early stuff which is SO BAD it’s hilarious X

  11. Grenglish

    I will miss you Motherventing but look forward to reading MoVo MkII :-) You are welcome over to mine anytime… it’s not like I have been blogging much over there recently either… problem is that people pop over to mine to read about sausages & wine, so when there’s not so much of that going on but lots of other moody stuff, I find it difficult to write about the sausages & the wine. I’ve had to take a step back recently but am at peace with that. As you say, this is a hobby and I’ll do what I can, when I can. I hope you find the balance you are looking for and I hope you keep writing cos you are bloody brilliant. See you on twitter (if I can ever remember to log on…) xxxxx

    • motherventing

      Ah thanks m’lady, it’s so tricky to keep it all in balance, innit. I can only suggest that do whatever you need to, to keep yourself sane ;) and I will keep writing, no fear xxxx

  12. permanentlyinapickle

    So I take a break over the summer and this is what I come back to? *sobs uncontrollably. Who will now cheer me up when I’m rocking in a corner? Good luck, Missy. Will miss your posts muchly. You’re an amazingly talented laydeeee and – ok here goes – I have a mahooosiff ‘blog’ crush on you :) *shuffles feet.
    Hope to read you again soon. All the very best. Look after yourself and the gorgeous Moo. x

  13. From fun to mum

    I will miss my emails with your posts! You rocked my world!
    I think you are doing the right thing though.
    Focus on the Moo, on your projects and writing.
    I’m blogging much less too as I have some other things on the go too, but I have a rant section on the blog that would welcome any MoVo guest posts any time!
    Tanti abbracci🇮🇹

  14. bubbablue

    will miss your ability to make me LOL on many an invasion. All the best with any further writing bits and pieces. And hope Moo gets over the tantrum stage quickly.

  15. Happy

    You have made me laugh a lot you ave !
    I fully understate and tip my hat to you’n Moo ard work all this life stuff init !
    Hope to see you. Ack one day but untill then fair he well

  16. Sam McKean

    Enjoyed reading your blog and empathise with so much of what you write. Completely understand where you’re at though and think it’s the right decision. Will still be stalking you on twitter though and wishing you the very very best of luck

  17. No Blog Intended

    MoVo! No! I mean, if you feel like doing this, you probably should, but I’ll miss your posts :(. Your humour is so ever present and nice and stuff. Such a loss, such a loss… Go in peasse, my friend, and then return in even more peace.
    (Yea, I just wrote peasse, and I’m leaving it like that. Just because it’s so weird I did it. Look, I’m getting mental already!)
    Buy MoVo!

  18. slightlysuburbandad

    NOOOOOOO! *cries*

    Seriously, it sounds like you’re doing this for the right reasons but know this. 1) You’re one of the inspirations for my own blogging. 2) You are welcome to guest post for me ANY TIME. 3) However, You really should be doing writing you’ll get paid for.

    Take care of yourself and the Moo, stay on Twitter and let me know when you’re ready for that Guest Post.

  19. Claire

    Goodbye and Good Luck! We will all be sad, but definitely the right decison if you felt relief when you made it!

    I can’t believe a Glossy or Sunday Mag hasn’t signed you up to write a weekly published (and paid for!) blog for them. Yours is far better and more interesting than the ones they publish at the moment.

    Onwards and upwards I think for you! Everything seems to run it’s course and come to an end when the time is right. I’m just sad I came to the Blog so late!

    See you on Twitter!

    love to you and Moo!


    • motherventing

      Thank you :) please feel free to peruse my archives (ooer) if you ever feel like reading some old posts! And I hope to keep writing posts for other people so I’m not going away completely. And yeah, why hasn’t the Sunday bloody Times sorted me a column yet?? Psssht. ;) xx

  20. Michelle Willis @gifted_goodies

    I don’t blog religiously, only when the muse descends & sometimes to clear my head. I’ll miss reading your blog. It’s nice knowing that there’s someone else out there who can word how I feel a lot better than I can! Besides, we all want to know about Moo, but perhaps a break is a good thing to get your creative juices going again.

  21. momoftwosalums

    So happy you are taking care of yourself for once! So sad for us that we won’t be reading about what’s in that brain of yours everyday! Xo!!

  22. Older Mum (@Older_Mum)

    Wishing you all the best. Your relief felt palpable in your decision – sounds like you’ve made the right one for you. I’m very glad you’re not tearing the blog down – I often come back and re-read ‘In the Fright Garden’ – I love that post so much! Very much hope to see you in Waterstones (in paperback) one day soon. Best of luck in all your creative talents! XXX

  23. Random Woman

    I will miss you but I still have you on Twitter and I rather like little bite size pieces of you. Come and stir my blog up one day and guest for me. I need a good stir. You are farking awesome. And you invented the word fark. Big kisses.

  24. Alison Riches

    Holy Shit… I could go on and on about how we’re all going to miss you, but everyone will say their piece! I for one, REALLY will miss those laff and spaff in my pants moments..i looked forward to your emails ‘popping in me box’ ahem….

    I truly am going to miss you MoVo and tales of your Moo… I hope you get what you need out of this decision!

    I look forward to stalking you on twitter;-)

    Take cake….(not a typo!)

    Love ya,

  25. ATOmum

    Will miss you loads – you are fabulous!! – come guest blog for me anytime you feel the urge to (I’m a bit rubbish at posting more than once a fortnight, so it’ll please my small but pefectly formed band of followers no end!!) – see you on the tweet side!! :)

  26. Flossing the Cat

    Wow! That must have been tough! But hey, you’ve got an amazing talent for writing, and I remember a post from a long time ago in which you were agonising about how to fit your fiction writing around your blogging, so maybe now\s the time to write that novel girl!! Come back to us in a few months with an update and we’ll all be still be here, waiting xxx

  27. Canvas & Thread

    *sobs* can i tempt you back with a biscuit? no, oh i will miss your funny witty posts, hope to catch you on twitter xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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